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Auto News has long been recognized as the authoritative publication for the automobile industry. As one of the world’s most widely distributed publications of its kind, its readership can access an international magazine subscription, nationally broadcast television program, syndicated radio show, heavily visited website and automotive events such as rides & drives. Furthermore, Auto News provides its readership with invaluable global auto industry news analysis.

As the United States continues to experience financial strain, more consumers have turned to electric vehicles as their mode of transport. This trend has resulted in an exponential increase in searches for “electric car”, rising by over 168% over five years according to Atlas Public Policy research. Automotive industries are responding by restructuring production processes and developing innovative new technologies to keep up with this shift in transportation needs.

As one example of these trends, autonomous vehicles – designed to operate without human drivers – have quickly made waves on the market and begun disrupting business as a result. Furthermore, automotive manufacturing processes are being altered so lighter cars can travel further on one charge.

Auto News is a weekly publication that covers the automotive industry from an editorial viewpoint. This publication offers information such as financial forecasts, car reviews and ratings as well as news reports. Furthermore, Auto News features articles about latest car technology engineering design as well as providing its free weekly newsletter along with daily industry news analysis.

Automotive enthusiasts and those searching for new or pre-owned vehicles alike will find this website an invaluable source of information on every aspect of the auto industry from manufacturing, sales and marketing. This website also provides a comprehensive listing of auto dealers, which can be searched by city or state, as well as links to additional automotive-related websites offering resources. Content of the site can also be accessed in both English and German for added convenience. Automobile Industries Magazine (AIM), first established in 1933, was the first publication dedicated solely to offering insight and analysis about the automotive marketplace. By 1937, its circulation had grown to 5,000, and in 1943, it merged with Detroit Tribune to become Auto News. Crain Communications Inc.’s Detroit office currently owns and controls it. Crain’s Chicago Business is just one of many publications published by AIM Publishing Co. in North America and Canada; AIM also publishes automotive-related books under its imprint. Other subsidiaries include the AIM Institute, AIM eBusiness Solutions and AIM Research; with assets totaling more than $3.6 billion AIM is one of the largest privately held firms in America and currently employs around 800 people globally; its stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol CAR.

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