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CarBuzz is an automotive news and information portal established in 2005. It covers car launches, trending topics, features and purchasing advice through a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide and finder tool with BuzzScore ranking system. In addition, expert reviews are offered as well as driving tips. Furthermore, readers can share photos and videos related to cars within its community platform. The website began operations in 2007.

The website offers an up-to-date database of car news, images, and videos daily, from muscle cars to exotic and everyday vehicles. With an intuitive navigation system that makes using it an enjoyable experience for users. In addition, there’s even a forum where they can discuss their favorite models with fellow enthusiasts as well as seek advice from other members.

AutoNews is a global automotive news website founded in Detroit by Crain Communications Inc and considered to be the newspaper of record for the automotive industry worldwide. Boasting over 55 editors and reporters globally, their website also hosts video interviews, podcasts, webinars and webinars – an impressive selection.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ Automotive Intelligence service offers business intelligence to the automotive industry. Their products include Global Automotive Forecasting for light vehicles; Global Powertrain Outlook which forecasts powertrain performance forecasts; Auto Industry Data Center reports as well as additional business intelligence reports that may or may not require subscription fees. Some reports are free-of-charge while some require payment.

Website dedicated to covering the latest automotive technology, such as hybrid and electric vehicles. Also features car reviews, road tests and feature articles. Contains an archive of past reviews as well as past test drives and news items written about cars by expert journalists and bloggers.

Carscoops is an automotive news and blog site offering coverage of world premieres, videos and pictures of new car releases and much more. Free to use, this website also has an active community where users can upload their own car videos or pictures and a forum with auction functionality.

New research shows that customers are growing increasingly outraged when receiving subpar customer service, with nearly 74% sharing their displeasure on social media, according to a Wall Street Journal survey. These findings may have important ramifications for dealerships as they digitize and expand customer-facing services, as well as lessons for companies selling dealership management systems or retail technology software. Furthermore, this page includes an alphabetical list of online resources providing news and analysis about the automobile industry; including articles related to automotive engineering, finance forecasts and industry news.

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