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Digital Marketing News Roundup

Staying abreast of digital marketing news and best practices is essential to remaining competitive in an ever-evolving online environment. From omnichannel integration to cross-platform ad measurement, successful digital marketers are those that embrace emerging technologies into their everyday marketing strategies and take full advantage of them in their work.

Stay current with digital marketing news with our weekly roundup! This week, Google modified its search ranking algorithms to prioritize queries based on firsthand knowledge. OpenAI also temporarily suspended ChatGPT Plus subscriptions – among many other updates!

Remarkable Breakthrough: Potential Treatment for Uncommon Genetic Disorders
Researchers recently unveiled an exciting potential new therapy to treat rare genetic disorders that cause symptoms like blindness and deafness, using skin cells from patients’ bodies to repair damaged DNA and repair it themselves.

Google Announces Changes to SEO Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, announced changes are in store for search engine optimization (SEO). In addition to prioritizing relevance and authority as metrics of success for ranking results, Google will also take user intent into consideration when ranking search results, in order to provide users with the most useful data for their searches.

Wunderkind, a performance marketing agency, released a study showing how intrusive ads can damage brand image. Interruptive advertisements often interfere with consumer browsing experiences; as a result, Wunderkind suggests advertisers reevaluate their strategies for communicating messages to achieve maximum engagement with their audiences.

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