Fitness News – Top Fitness Trends of 2014

With more people prioritizing their health, fitness industries continue to see exponential growth. From virtual workouts and wearable technology to community-minded exercise programs and the growing emphasis on mental wellbeing, these trends represent a wider movement towards fitness as medicine.

Gamification of exercise has emerged as one of the top trends this year after first appearing on our survey in 2013. Companies using software to turn a standard rowing machine into games such as Zombie Apocalypse or Joes Vs Pros are making exercising fun again – turning group classes from being afterthoughts into attractions.

Baby boomers and older generations tend to have more disposable income than younger demographics, as well as an interest in healthy aging and staying active. Gym clubs that adapt their environments (lighting and music) during traditionally slow times of day to be more senior-friendly could take advantage of this growing trend; boutique fitness studios may also appeal to this demographic and can serve as viable alternatives to traditional gyms.

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