Games News – Great Websites For Video Game Enthusiasts

Staying current in the video gaming world can be exciting, and keeping up to date on news and updates can be difficult without help from websites dedicated to video game news. From reviews on Xbox or PlayStation releases, or simply keeping abreast of what is happening within gaming industry, these websites will make sure that nothing slips past.

IGN is our go-to site for everything video game-related. Their extensive digital library contains every bit of knowledge imaginable on video game titles from major PlayStation and Xbox releases to the most exciting Nintendo indie titles available today, not forgetting in-depth video game reviews as well as helpful advice for new gamers.

Polygon is another invaluable resource for gamers, providing articles and videos on all manner of gaming topics such as the new Assassin’s Creed title or any rumours regarding Sony’s next PlayStation. They even feature coverage of indie titles!

Games News
If you’re hoping to break into gaming journalism as a journalist, a few key considerations must be kept in mind. First and foremost is having an impressive writing background – having experience writing or editing will give you an edge over many applicants. Second and most important is finding your niche; if working at major gaming publications is your dream career goal then highlight this passion and knowledge within both cover letters and resumes; this will show editors that you are committed and determined enough to achieve success in that position.

Network as often as you can. There are plenty of opportunities out there, so take every chance you get to reach out and build connections – editors, writers or fellow gaming enthusiasts could all help get your foot in the door! You could also talk with other journalists in the industry to see if they have any advice for getting started.

Though the gaming industry can be daunting, its members are nothing but inspirational. From those responsible for designing games to those writing reviews on them, each aspect offers compelling stories. But with so much going on in gaming these days, keeping up with it all can be tough; thanks to these eight gaming news and review sites listed above it will now be easier than ever before to stay abreast of everything happening within this fascinating field! So go check them out today – you might just be amazed.

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