How to Write a News Article for Your School Newspaper

Writing news articles is an engaging and effective way to engage your school community and keep parents, teachers and students informed on current events. The best school newspaper articles should not only inform but also entertain readers by using an outline or some simple steps – your next article could rival even those published by major newspapers!

Headlines and first paragraphs of newspapers are of utmost importance when it comes to drawing readers in; these two paragraphs should serve as gateways into reading further by offering information that draws an audience in and hooks them. A strong headline will convince the reader that what’s being reported truly deserves attention as news rather than simply someone’s personal opinion.

Once your readers are engaged, your article should focus on explaining or interpreting its theme. For instance, school newspapers could write an editorial to explain new school rules or promote an effort like a food drive among their student body. Criticizing actions, decisions or situations while providing alternatives is also common practice in newspapers; such pieces encourage critical thinking skills among your readers as well as developing problem solving abilities among them.

Education News is an education news website, covering topics in K-12 education. Offering news articles to opinion pieces as well as technology updates and higher ed related resources; webinars for educators can also be found through this platform which is also mobile friendly.

The Chronicle of Higher Education is another excellent source for education news and analysis, covering everything from sports to teacher shortages and data and advice, plus hosting a weekly podcast called EdTechnically.

Students can utilize these sites to gain new perspectives on current events. Furthermore, they can practice their research skills as they read and discuss these stories.

There are countless websites and apps offering educational news, but some can be too biased or lacking enough relevant material to be of benefit in the classroom. The best school-friendly news websites and apps are those that are reliable with content appropriate for students.

Associated Press news articles are excellent classroom resources, written by professional journalists from reputable sources and with images to make the story more engaging for your students.

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