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Law News is a daily online news service covering breaking legal developments. With accurate coverage of court opinions, legislative proposals, significant decisions and other major developments both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, Law News examines their impacts on practice of law and the legal profession.

Bloomberg Law News provides the news and information you need to stay abreast of issues impacting your clients, firm, or practice. As a comprehensive source of legal news and developments in all areas of law – covering key laws, developments, trends and cases related to statutes, regulations and executive orders impacting businesses as well as individuals; plus articles about Supreme Court justices, Congress members and federal courts.

NYU School of Law Professor Lisa Goldberg discusses in Law News how the coronavirus pandemic is altering legal practices and what firms can do to prepare themselves for its long-term impacts. Most legal matters have now been taken up by local and county governments while some cases continue being litigated in federal courts; most lawyers don’t anticipate an avalanche of new cases but Goldberg asserts that firms must expect unexpected developments to keep client services running smoothly.

Law News features numerous stories in its latest issue that highlight how an ongoing litigation against an online platform that sells and acquires personal data challenges established privacy norms, boutique firms can pay higher bonuses than BigLaw shops, and an interview with real estate attorney Richard Adler reveals his insights into defending against allegations of bribery or fraud in real estate law.

NYU Law’s community is rallying together in response to rising trade tensions and an uncertain global economic forecast, supporting each other through various means such as opening its new Center for Economic Justice or expanding Legal Aid Society. You can help make a difference!

Bloomberg Law News team of legal professionals. Every day, our coverage focuses on what affects them – you, their clients and practice alike. Bloomberg Law News delivers news that is essential to your career and business success, from legal issues that impact you personally to legislation that impacts all. Available across devices like web browsers, tablets and mobile phones – Bloomberg Law News helps keep you up-to-date. To access this service, navigate to News & Analysis from the horizontal drop-down menu and select Law News. Alternatively, use the GO Bar’s autocomplete functionality to search for Law News channels directly; just type their names to access them directly. Furthermore, subscribe to individual newsletters by clicking Subscribe at the top of each channel page.

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