Pet News – What Pets Can Do For You

Pets can have a positive influence on our lives in many ways, from relieving stress to improving heart health to building social skills and helping us feel better when sad or sick. Pets also provide us with an excellent opportunity for physical activity outdoors – something particularly helpful for people living with arthritis or chronic conditions.

Get active outdoors is especially crucial for seniors with pets, as the benefits can help prolong and promote healthier lives for both the pet and senior owner.

An innovative program is helping crime victims feel more at ease during court appearances with the support of trained dogs known as the “Dog Squad.” These furry companions reduce anxiety and tension while enabling their human partners to focus solely on their case.

One South Louisiana college is welcoming back students – and for the first time, some are bringing their pets with them for school life. According to their veterinarian, this allows the animals to get out and play.

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating whether grain-free dog foods have caused a sudden surge in cases of deadly heart disease known as dilation cardiomyopathy, particularly among small breeds. While all breeds and sizes appear susceptible, small dogs appear particularly at risk.

Every year brings with it new dog breeds, yet not all are created equally. Some can be more costly than others – the Burmese being one of them; this rare breed from Myanmar means beautiful in Burmese!

One of the greatest things about owning a cat is how it’s an ideal companion for single people living alone. Their unconditional love and companionship can make a significant impactful change to someone’s life – and can even help them find romance!

An animal shelter in Alberta is experiencing severe drought and running low on supplies. Without donations coming in soon, this shelter could close down.

An Edmonton cat has amassed thousands of followers on TikTok for her weight-loss journey. She’s on a quest to shed 4.5 pounds within four months with support from her owner.

Scientists are working hard on ways to extend the lives of our beloved dogs and cats, yet the ethics are unclear.

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