Top 5 Tech News Websites

Technology News keeps you abreast of all of the newest gadgets, software applications and apps. If you’re shopping for smartphones, laptops or gaming consoles – Tech News provides expert reviews and buyer guides that make the decision-making process simpler so that you get maximum benefit out of your tech investments.

TechCrunch provides detailed coverage and analysis of emerging tech startups, often drawing upon first-hand experience and expert interviews for its articles. Furthermore, this site analyzes their impact on businesses and society alike.

Wired’s captivating storytelling and cutting-edge journalism place it at the forefront of tech journalism. Their content explores how technology is revolutionizing culture, science, business and life itself – profoundly altering our lives in unexpected ways. Their in-depth coverage and unique perspectives make Wired one of the most widely read tech news websites on the web today.

Fortune Magazine provides coverage in areas ranging from politics and entertainment, but their Tech section is an especially reliable source for industry news and insight. Their long-form articles give an in-depth examination of technological landscape and give an edge over competition.

The Verge offers an unparalleled combination of tech news and opinion that is beloved by gadget enthusiasts worldwide. Its in-depth reporting and original features are frequently read by readers from every walk of life; and its dedicated community of writers infuse each article they create with passion for technology.

Gigaom provides expert analysis and thought leadership on emerging tech trends. Their experts discuss everything from cloud computing to AI ethics. Furthermore, the website hosts events as well as has a popular blog which covers all of the latest updates in tech.

The Next Web is a global technology news website covering breaking stories and developing stories from around the world. Their international writers offer an insightful view into technology issues relevant to global economies.

PCWorld Australia is a go-to source for computer hardware and technology news, featuring updates on gadgets, pre-built desktop computers, mobile devices and accessories as well as helpful articles on how to utilize these technologies effectively.

Apple product enthusiasts will find everything they need here if they are passionate about Apple products, from news and reviews of all their smartphones, tablets, and Macs to smartphones, tablets, and Mac minis. AppleInsider has been serving Apple product enthusiasts since 1997!

VentureBeat provides only technical news, providing up-to-date coverage of technology trends and offering helpful commentary on this subject matter. In addition, they feature several compelling web series which may prove worthwhile as well.

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