What’s New in Software News?

Software encompasses all programs used to run our devices and systems in the information technology industry, from operating systems (OSs) used on our computers to various applications for various industries and fields such as word processors, image editors and communications platforms. Furthermore, this category also encompasses any tools or services which help create, monitor and maintain software itself.

Securing software remains one of the biggest challenges facing developers and IT teams alike. As software becomes more complex, testing its functionality becomes harder and more expensive, leading to attacks being detected at earlier stages in its lifecycle. Luckily, some new technologies are stepping up to help developers address this challenge by making software safer during its creation and testing stages.

FSV (formal systems verification), for instance, uses mathematical proof to demonstrate software security under given circumstances. This technique has gained momentum as it makes software safer and simpler to validate.

Model-checking software is another tool used to increase software security, helping detect errors by verifying its code against an established design specification or model. Model-checking allows developers to detect bugs early and fix them more easily as development proceeds, ultimately saving both time and resources by catching errors early.

Recent software news also highlights the growing significance of cloud computing within the industry. Spending on software-as-a-service is expected to outpace traditional enterprise software this year; some analysts predict it could represent up to one-third of overall market sales by 2023 owing to lower upfront costs and easier implementation compared with traditional offerings.

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